2nd Annual Symposium on Solid Waste Refinery (2nd ANSWER)

ANSWER (Annual Symposium on Solid Waste Refinery) is intended to be a routine meeting point of all stakeholders and experts in solid waste treatment especially Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management for local Indonesia as well as around the globe. Asian countries are shared common problem in treating MSW from the lack of people’s awareness to high moisture content due to located in tropical climate. Thus, a sharing platform is needed for academicians, researchers, policymakers (Government and private sectors), engineers, professionals, NGO’s, and students to overcome various problems and challenges in solid waste treatment and utilization.

The symposium topic includes but not limited to:

  1. Green technology
  2. Cleaner production
  3. Pollution prevention
  4. Physical separation and pre-treatment
  5. Physical and chemical characterization method
  6. Energy production: solid waste to energy
  7. Solid waste thermal treatment
  8. Bio-conversion of solid waste
  9. Agricultural bio-product recycle and reuse
  10. Fertilizer production from natural resources
  11. Municipal solid waste emerging technology
  12. Urban Mining
  13. Life cycle assessment of MSW treatment
  14. Bio-refinery
  15. Life cycle analysis